The ClimaRice project aims to help bridge science and policy through stakeholder interaction. Dissemination and sharing of information is an essential component in this. Our newsletters give information about news and events from the project and will be published regularly.



- Sustaining rice production in a changing climate

A research project on climate change adaptation and rice production, livelihoods, and food security in india.

The main emphasis of the ClimaRice project is to develop local ownership through active participation of stakeholders in the design,implementation, and management of adaptation strategies to ensure the sustainability of rice production.

women and rice The Overall Project goal is to: Reduce uncertainties in future monsoon projections, demonstrate the applicability of selected adaptation techniques and enhance stakeholder adaptive capacity to climate change on rice production and irrigation water management practices through field demonstration, institutional and capacity strengthening.



  • To Reduce uncertainties in climate model's projections,and demonstrate the applicability of selected adaptation measures.
  • To standardize and mainstream climate change adaptation measures/ technologies / practises, and activities developed in the ongoing project into the regional adaption programs.
  • To standardize methodologies that could be up scaled to other areas impacted by climate change.